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since 2012

vienna – commercial property
showroom area/ 70 sqm


where the magic happens

showroom, office, source of inspiration, home base of style.

all in one, so to speak. and not at a bad location either: close to the museumsquartier art and culture complex, the busy mariahilfer strasse and the quaint spittelberg area.


let yourself be inspired – drop by for a personal consultation and a glass of wine. but please call ahead so i can make sure to be there.

what i offer

highly individual advice, passionate planning and execution that fits “like a glove”.

a one-stop shop, if you are looking for one. from planning a kitchen to an interior design concept for the entire space that leaves nothing to be desired.

not so much the client as king or queen, but as a partner.

because it is mutual trust and fairness that give rise to great things.

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